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This is Your Brain on Porn

BERLIN – Frequent porn viewing may be associated with smaller brains in males, specifically in the areas of the brain […]

UK University Students Come Clean about Sex

LONDON – UK university students are a sexually adventurous group, with a recent survey revealing 51 percent admitted to having […]

Survey: One in Six Brits Would Have Sex with Robots

LONDON – Seventeen percent of Britons — or one in six — would have sex with a robot if they […]

Porn Ransomware Hits Android Phones

BUCHAREST, Romania – Phony law enforcement notices popping up on Android-powered mobile phones are triggered by the latest porn-related malware […]

The Secret is Out: ‘Hot Sex’ Draws Tycoons to London

LONDON – Why do tech tycoons set up shop in London? The answer is obvious, according to UK Education Minister […]

‘Nuts’ Men’s Mag, Website May Close

LONDON – Too much competition from free internet porn may doom the British lads mag Nuts and its website. Publisher […]

UK ‘Porn Subsidies’ Help Reduce Unemployment

LONDON – The UK government is paying subsidies to massage parlors, porn film producers and strip clubs that hire unemployed […]

French Chicken Farmers Cry ‘Fowl’ over Porn Shoot

LOUÉ, France – In a town devoted to free-range chicken farming, pretending to be a horny female chicken rancher is […]

Spanish Sex Workers Offer ‘Intro to Prostitution’ Course

BARCELONA, Spain – Need a job in unemployment-ravaged Spain? Become a sex worker, with help from an association of professional […]

Pink Toyko Aims to Invigorate Japanese Adult Market

TOKYO – For all its businessmen reading porn comics while riding the subway, Japan is a closed society when it […]