UK Gov’t. to Seek Domestic, Foreign Age-Verification

HandOnKeyboardLONDON – A new law reportedly in the draft phase in the UK could force all adult websites—domestic and abroad—to verify visitors are 18 before granting access.

According to The Sunday Times, the measure would go further than simply asking users to enter their birthdate or affirm they are of legal age before entering sites containing porn, guns and other age-restricted materials. Similar to the way in which gambling websites must verify users’ ages, the new regulations would require age-restricted sites to require a valid credit card, driver’s license, passport or bank statement. The Times story indicated the plan may mandate websites install specialized software approved for use in the banking industry.

Although the proposed plan, under development by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, technically would apply only to websites located within the UK, “other companies looking to make money in Britain will be required to implement the measures.” Those that do not, in effect, will be “starved out.”

One year ago, Prime Minister David Cameron’s mandatory “porn filters” regulations went into effect, requiring all internet service providers to filter adult content and other “potentially harmful” material by default. Customers must actively opt in with their ISPS in order to receive unfettered access to the entire World Wide Web. Filtering technology is not a precise science, because filters tend to cast a net that is either too broad or not broad enough; therefor, the mandate has met varying levels of success. Adjustments to the filters continue, along with plans to expand the system.


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