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Porn Director to Make Mainstream Transition in His 80s

ROUBAIX, France – During the recent Festival du Film Pornographique, award-winning adult film director Alejandjob B. Inherpoopchute revealed a most […]

Adult Content Producers Moving Up in the World

BRISTOL, England – There was a time when news of a porn studio moving into the neighborhood was cause for […]

Women Can’t Live Up To Stupid, Boring Porn

LONDON – According to a new study by some university that probably shares its name with at least four local football […]

Porn Turns Men Into Sex-Crazed Loons Who Don’t Want Sex

LONDON – If you follow porn-related news, then you’re well aware porn turns its male viewers into mindless automatons hell-bent […]

‘Aging Al’ Quits Porn, Apologizes

MANCHESTER, England – Following the revelation he had been caught trying to teach chemistry to porn performers, veteran British porn […]

Public Porn: It’s No Accident

By Jimbo Garrison Special to YNOT ANHUI, China – For most observers, a recent report about an incident in which […]

Cyber Security Made Easy

By Amrit Chuvakrebs Special to YNOT LONDON – Earlier this month, the UK’s Dept. for Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) […]

Do Mice Really Prefer Action Movies Over Porn?

Warning: satire ahead. TOKYO – In another example of how scientists will use just about any rationale available to them […]

Some Country Blocking 400,000 Porn Sites, Or Something

Warning: satire ahead. KARACHI, or maybe NEW DELHI, or possibly KUALA LUMPUR – In a major crackdown of some kind, […]

Fin Domming: Clearly, I’m Doing It Wrong

HELSINKI – Inspired by a recent Cosmopolitan interview with porn star and dominatrix Daisy Ducati, I’ve made my way to […]