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Researchers: Porn and Sex Related…Somehow

CAMBRIDGE, England – In an amazing, eye-opening, thoroughly unanticipated turn of events, a team of researchers from the University of […]

Porn in the House (of Lords)

By Lord Benjamin Special to YNOT Europe LONDON – As you may know if you follow political news in the UK, […]

Rocco’s Porn U: What Should I Major In?

BUDAPEST – As you’ve no doubt heard, porn legend Rocco Siffredi has opened up a school for aspiring porn performers, […]

Do Androids Dream of Electric DPs?

By Dr. Salvador Harden Special to YNOT Europe LEICESTER, U.K. – Human beings have long been fascinated with the idea of […]

Warning: Sunny Leone Videos Cause Nausea

LUCKNOW, India – According to a noted communist, politician and possible medical doctor, viewing sexually explicit performances by popular adult […]

My Mediocre Tripe Is Better Than ‘50 Shades,’ Any Day

By Jessica Colon Special to YNOT Europe LONDON – Hello dear readers. Romance novelist extraordinaire Jessica Colon here, writing from my […]

20th Century Problems: Used Porn Disposal

LONDON – In my grandfather’s day, there really was no such thing as a “porn industry.” Instead, there were informal […]

Cheesed-Off Parmesan Producers Threaten To Sue PornHub

PARMA, Italy – If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to seriously enrage members of the Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese Consortium, wonder […]

Respectability Showdown: Porn vs. Reality TV

LONDON – Let’s have a show of hands here. Which is “worse” from a personal dignity standpoint: Knowingly and willfully […]

Staggering Numbers: Parliament’s Embarrassing Porn Habit

by Ben Suroeste, LONDON – Back in 2013, Prime Minister David Cameron made a solemn vow: “I will do […]