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Israel Needs More Popsicles, Less Porn

By Ehud Ben-Ari Special to YNOT JERUSALEM – Most Americans probably don’t realize this, but in Israel, it is quite […]

In Ireland, Watch for Falling Porn

By Dewey Truman Special to YNOT DUBLIN – According to the head of the Irish government, citizens of Ireland, with […]

But Will I be Able to Withdraw Porn at the Bank?

LONDON – As a soon-to-be American expatriate planning on taking up residence in London once Crooked Hillary is done stealing […]

‘Deeply Troubling’ Pirate Porn on the Rise

LONDON – Pirate-obsessed perverts are getting off on watching men with hooks for hands and parrots on their shoulders engaged […]

Manager Fears Relegation for Favourite Porn Star

Warning: satire ahead. EREWASH, England – Sam McManinman may be a successful football manager, but his favorite porn performer is never far […]


How Come Our ‘Sister City’ Gets All The Porn?

Warning: satire ahead. By Hicham El Hassoun Special to YNOT CASABLANCA – In 1990, my home city of Casablanca, Morocco, […]

Russia: Tubes Have ‘Old, Redundant Content’

MOSCOW – In explaining its ban on popular porn tube sites SmutNucleus and EwePronz, the Russian media authority Roskomnadzor claimed […]

Dear UK Media: It Was a Sex Club, Not a Porn Cinema

By Oscar Chaplin Special to YNOT LONDON – The British press is floating an ugly fib that needlessly and unfairly disparages […]

UK Publisher Upset by Porn Workshop

Warning: satire ahead. LONDON – Ruprecht Mardack is not an easy man to shock. As the majority owner of NewsBritz, […]

Blair’s Old School Becomes Porn Studio…or Something

Warning: satire ahead. By Dewey Truman Special to YNOT EDINBURGH, Scotland – According to published reports that were entirely too dull […]