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Dorcel Club: VIP Content for Privileged Members

PARIS – French adult studio and multi-platform distributor Marc Dorcel has launched the Dorcel Club, an online platform that offers […]

Organisation Warns UK Shops to ‘Lose the Lads Mags’

CHESHAM, UK – Britain is at it again. The country that gave rise to the ever-popular Puritans and hypocritical Victorians […]

Gay Amateur Webcams for the German Market

By G. Zisk Rice STOCKERN, Austria – Affiliate program PartnerCash has launched its first gay amateur product for the German-speaking […]

UK Takes Lead in Internet Usage for Major European Economies

YNOT – A report by a British telecoms regulator indicates that the UK leads all of Europe’s largest economies in […]

Anna Polina Shines in French-American Collaboration

PARIS – Ann Polina, a Russian-born performer and model who now resides in France, gives a what has been called […]

French Study: ‘Women Better Off Braless’

By Stewart Tongue BESANÇON, France – Women cannot prevent sagging breasts by wearing a bra. In fact, according to a […]

Italian Mayor to Municipal Employees: ‘No Internet for You’

By Erika Icon YNOT EUROPE – Municipal workers in a small Italian town have been banned from accessing the internet […]

European Summit Party Schedule Begins to Take Shape

YNOT EUROPE – The European Summit’s next event is more than a month away, but party details have begun to […]

Kreul Moves to Visit-X

YNOT EUROPE – German adult company Visit-X has hired industry veteran Christian Kreul to fill the position of senior sales […]

Dating Factory Now in Spain

YNOT EUROPE – Dating Factory, a sophisticated internet platform that allows individuals and businesses to generate revenue by operating dating […]