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Analysts: Cryptocurrency Values to Fall by More than Half in 2015

HAMPSHIRE, England – The value of cryptocurrency transactions is expected to plummet by more than half in 2015, compared to […]

UK Gov’t. to Seek Domestic, Foreign Age-Verification

LONDON – A new law reportedly in the draft phase in the UK could force all adult websites—domestic and abroad—to […]

UK’s ‘Extreme Porn’ Law Needs to Go

By Ben Suroeste WREXHAM, Wales – There’s an old saying that comes up from time to time in legal circles: […]

Vast Majority of UK Web Users Opt Out of Filtering

LONDON – Nearly all broadband internet users in the UK — 96 percent — opt not to use the automatic […]

UK May Outlaw Revenge Porn Nationwide

LONDON – When Parliament returns from its summer recess, one of the issues Justice Secretary Chris Grayling expects members to […]

4 PPC Optimisation Tips

By Nuria Gonzalez LONDON – To run a successful pay-per-click campaign, it’s essential that you’re always aware of how each […]

MP Renews Calls for Robust Age Verification

LONDON – The Shadow Minister for Culture, Media and Sport has rekindled the debate about how to block internet users […]

UK MPs: ‘Prosecute Porn Sites under Obscenity Laws’

LONDON – Members of the British Parliament have called for the criminal prosecution of adult websites that do not employ […]

Hook-up Culture Draws Traffic to Casual Dating Sites

By Jo Hardcastle WINDSOR, England – Dating profiles across the globe are changing. “Looking for companionship” and “long walks on […]

How to Optimise Your Landing Page to Maximize Conversions

By Matthew Pitt WINDSOR, England – A high-converting landing page is an essential requirement for any successful online business. Whether […]