Cameron to EU: ‘Sod Off’

LONDON – UK Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to execute a legislative end run around a recent European Union […]

33% of UK Women Watch Porn Once a Week

LONDON – One in every three women in the UK admits she watches porn at least once a week, according […]

UK’s ‘Snooper’s Charter’ Wants to Follow Everyone Everywhere

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Porn in the House (of Lords)

By Lord Benjamin Special to YNOT Europe LONDON – As you may know if you follow political news in the UK, […]

Biometric Authentication: The Good, the Bad, the Disastrous

HAMPSHIRE, England – Contactless payment services that employ biometric scanners may “irretrievably compromise” online identity, according to a new study […]

Cameron: Porn Censorship More Important than EU Law

Is Cameron even trying to pretend he cares about the EU anymore? This week we learned that UK Prime Minister […]

The Gift that Keeps on Cumming

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Beyond Flesh: The Future of Porn Revealed

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A Toy Box for Grownups Travels to Europe

SEATTLE – In October, an American manufacturer will present its one-of-a-kind products to Europeans for the first time. Passionate Playground […]

eGaming Revenues to Approach $35 Billion in 2015

HAMPSHIRE, England – According to a new study by Juniper Research, the dollar value of lottery eTicket sales is expected to […]