MindGeek Donation Raises Concern about Foreign Funds in U.S. Elections

WASHINGTON D.C. – U.S. authorities will not investigate MindGeek’s financial role in a campaign to defeat a California ballot measure, […]

Fabian Thylmann Indicted on Tax Evasion Charges

COLOGNE, Germany – Former Manwin managing partner Fabian Thylmann will be prosecuted for tax evasion, a German prosecutor said this […]

International Alliance Helps Resolve Chargebacks

ATASCADERO, Calif. – U.S. retail merchants lose more than $11 billion annually to chargebacks, and many of the losses are […]

Cam Program Paying 35% for German Traffic

GENT, Belgium – Regardless where they operate in the world, webmasters with German traffic can earn a higher-than normal lifetime […]

Germany Shows Potential for Direct-Carrier Billing

BRUNN AM GEBIRGE, Austria – With 115.2 million mobile subscribers and a mobile handset penetration of 119.9 percent, Germany could […]

Is There Life After Porn?

BERLIN – The dimensions of former gay adult performer Fostter Riviera’s penis were his claim to fame, his ticket to […]

Beate Uhse to Distribute Line of Sharia-safe Products

AMSTERDAM – A virtual adult shop and one of Europe’s largest adult-products distributors have signed a deal to take a […]

This is Your Brain on Porn

BERLIN – Frequent porn viewing may be associated with smaller brains in males, specifically in the areas of the brain […]

Penthouse Launches EU Retail Website

KREFELD, Germany – European fans of the iconic Penthouse brand now have a retail outlet in their own backyards, so […]

Report: Fetish Preferences Vary by Region

LONDON – North Americans and Europeans differ in their fetish preferences, according to a study of web server statistics conducted […]