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Cameron: Porn Censorship More Important than EU Law

Is Cameron even trying to pretend he cares about the EU anymore? This week we learned that UK Prime Minister […]

EU Parliament Could Strike Lasting Blow to ‘Net Neutrality’ on Tuesday

The EU Parliament will consider a set of new Internet rules on Tuesday that are purportedly designed to protect net […]

Hotline Fields Nearly 2K Revenge Porn Calls

LOUGHBOROUGH, England – A hotline devoted to supporting victims of revenge porn has fielded more than 1,800 calls during its […]

Critics: New Maltese Porn Law Puts Minorities at Risk

VALLETTA, Malta – A proposed obscenity law in Malta has come under fire from alternative lifestyles groups that say criminalizing […]

Cheesed-Off Parmesan Producers Threaten To Sue PornHub

PARMA, Italy – If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to seriously enrage members of the Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese Consortium, wonder […]

Staggering Numbers: Parliament’s Embarrassing Porn Habit

by Ben Suroeste, LONDON – Back in 2013, Prime Minister David Cameron made a solemn vow: “I will do […]

India’s Anti-Porn Strategy: ‘All Possible Measures’

NEW DELHI – You know the old saying: “When your only tool is a hammer, all your problems become big, […]

UK Performers Guild Revokes Pol’s Membership

By Ben Suroeste LONDON – With their American brethren still reeling from similar scandals across the pond, porn stars in […]

New UK Agency to Regulate Naughty Thoughts

By Ben Suroeste LONDON – Taking what regulators described as “the next logical step in the protection of British youth […]

MindGeek Donation Raises Concern about Foreign Funds in U.S. Elections

WASHINGTON D.C. – U.S. authorities will not investigate MindGeek’s financial role in a campaign to defeat a California ballot measure, […]