Law and Politics

Ofcom Reverses DreamsOfSpanking Decision

LONDON – Feminist pornographer Pandora Blake has put her website back online after broadcast regulator Ofcom changed its mind about […]

Hardcore Porn Replaces Video Tribute at Funeral

CARDIFF, Wales – Regardless how one feels about pornography, even the adult entertainment industry would agree hardcore content is inappropriate […]

Mental Health Minister’s Twitter Account Likes Porn

VICTORIA, Australia – Yet another politician has been embarrassed by someone’s randy behavior on social media. The Twitter account for […]

Standards Board: Gay Hookup Ads OK in the Netherlands

AMSTERDAM – The Dutch advertising standards board has ruled advertisements for a gay hookup service may remain posted in public […]

Catholics Upset by Investment Firm’s ‘Filthy Lucre’

ROME – The primary investment firm serving Catholic institutions worldwide has come under fire for investing in companies that produce […]

Indian Congress Member Suspended for Watching Porn

BHUBANESWAR, India – A senior member of the India’s Congress has been suspended for a week after another congress member […]

Police Pursue Porn Pranksters

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Someone transmitted pornography over TV monitors in a passenger lounge at Taiwan’s international airport, and the police are […]

Cameron to EU: ‘Sod Off’

LONDON – UK Prime Minister David Cameron has vowed to execute a legislative end run around a recent European Union […]

UK’s ‘Snooper’s Charter’ Wants to Follow Everyone Everywhere

LONDON – New legislation under consideration by Parliament would mean everything UK residents do online — social media, shopping, pornography, […]

Porn in the House (of Lords)

By Lord Benjamin Special to YNOT Europe LONDON – As you may know if you follow political news in the UK, […]