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UK ‘Porn Subsidies’ Help Reduce Unemployment

LONDON – The UK government is paying subsidies to massage parlors, porn film producers and strip clubs that hire unemployed […]

UK MPs: ‘Prosecute Porn Sites under Obscenity Laws’

LONDON – Members of the British Parliament have called for the criminal prosecution of adult websites that do not employ […]

UK Censorship Roundtable Includes American Perspective

LONDON – Internet filters are only part of the solution to keeping children safe online. That was the general consensus […]

Popular Prof Sacked over ‘Accidental Porn’

ZURICH, Switzerland – A popular professor at a Zurich business school has been suspended after accidentally broadcasting porn from an […]

Who’s Policing the Police?

LONDON – Four members of an elite UK security team will not face criminal charges for sharing “extreme” pornography on […]

UK ISPs Balk at Policing Online Gambling

LONDON – Although they already filter legal pornography from the web by default, internet service providers in the UK do not […]

Israel’s Knesset Criminalizes Revenge Porn

JERUSALEM – Acting with the unanimous vote of the 31 members present, Israel’s Knesset plenum on Monday approved a law […]

Berlusconi Appeals Underage Sex Conviction

ROME – Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi on Thursday filed an appeal of his mid-2013 conviction for paying an […]

UK Filters Block MP’s Site, but Not Porn

LONDON – Everyone should have seen this coming: A recent test shows the UK’s new mandatory ISP-level filtering is doing […]

German ‘Sex Party’ Organizers Face Tax-evasion Charges

FRANKFURT, Germany – German authorities are investigating a middle-aged, married couple they claim failed to pay an estimated 1 million […]