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Breasts Give Away Performer in Illicit Church Video

HÖRSCHING, Austria – A 24-year-old amateur adult performer was busted for indecent behavior after her breasts were identified by a […]

Vast Majority of UK Web Users Opt Out of Filtering

LONDON – Nearly all broadband internet users in the UK — 96 percent — opt not to use the automatic […]

UK May Outlaw Revenge Porn Nationwide

LONDON – When Parliament returns from its summer recess, one of the issues Justice Secretary Chris Grayling expects members to […]

Iceland Politicians Want Ban on Online Porn

Some politicians in Iceland believe that online porn is a risk to children, and are moving to ban adult entertainment […]

Sex Revenues Prove Handy for EU Member States

MADRID, Spain – How many sex workers must a Spanish brothel employ in order to turn a profit? What does […]

FOSI European Forum to Address ‘Creating a Better Internet’

PARIS – An American child-protection organization with roots in the adult entertainment industry will participate in an international conference focused […]

MP Renews Calls for Robust Age Verification

LONDON – The Shadow Minister for Culture, Media and Sport has rekindled the debate about how to block internet users […]

ASACP: ‘We Cannot Support Proposed UK Law’

LOS ANGELES – If UK regulators have their way, by the end of 2014 websites that do not prevent children […]

Could US Retreat from Internet Oversight Increase Global Porn Censorship?

American technology columnist John C. Dvorak has covered technology and computing since the 1980’s, and in certain circles of supporters […]

The Secret is Out: ‘Hot Sex’ Draws Tycoons to London

LONDON – Why do tech tycoons set up shop in London? The answer is obvious, according to UK Education Minister […]