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Things Wimbledon has in Common With Porn

LONDON – I don’t know about you, but I love all manner of trivia and guessing games, from classic board […]

Toy Falls Victim to Language Barrier

CORNWALL, England – It’s been said that never have two peoples been as divided by a common language as are […]

Funny Name, Intriguing Product

AMSTERDAM – A disposable male masturbator manufactured in the heart of America’s “bible belt” — Charlotte, N.C. — is available […]

Abduction and Seduction

PRAGUE – A new reality site claims to offer videos of “100-percent real street pick-ups where a team of guys […]

Ad Network Updates Security, Marketing Algorithms

BRAUNSCHWEIG, Germany – German mobile advertising network Slimspots recently added a major update to its fraud-detection program in order to […]

Sky Begins Blocking Porn By Default

LONDON – With the activation of something which sounds like it came from the fantasies of a Reagan Administration-era employee […]

Brexit chick?

Who Is This ‘Brexit’ Chick, Anyway?

WARNING: SATIRE AHEAD NEW YORK – As an American, I’ll admit I don’t pay much attention to news out of […]

UK Parliament To Hear Bill to Regulate Online Porn

LONDON – Parliament begins today its consideration of the Digital Economy Bill, a sweeping piece of legislation which would, among […]

New Billing Solutions Provider Enters Adult

MUNICH – A German provider of mobile billing services has entered the adult space with interactive voice response technology that […]

Study: 60% of Teens Learn to Drive from Vin Diesel Movies

Warning: satire ahead. LONDON – Using a sophisticated online survey of more than 1,000 respondents who at least claimed to be […]